Facebook’s Black Market Revealed (Are they Selling Fake Likes?)

As the biggest social network giant known as Facebook continues to rake in cash from brands and publishers, there has been tons of questions arising about the real values of their “likes”. There has been speculations from legitimate companies being flooded with Fake likes in their attempt to reach more people through their various businesses. And these likes are being generated in part by abuse of Facebook’s own advertising tools. It’s however complicated, but here is how this things work: Facebook allows individual or companies to promote their pages with some advertising tools called ‘Suggested Pages’ or ‘Suggested Posts’. For very small amount of money, companies with a few hundreds of fans can drastically boost the reach of their Facebook material so its gets seen by thousands of new users when their campaigns go live.

facebook sell fake views?

But this development has raised a lot of controversies in the minds of some popular page owners who complained about accumulated extra likes generated by the campaign that those likes generated were mostly fake likes. To further prove the reality of this development, a company that owns a page can accumulate thousands of new fans only to discover that there is a decrease in the total number of engagement and impressions on posted content, because it is perceived that these new fan are all fake.

Changes in the Facebook Algorithm
For some months now, Facebook has recently changed their traffic algorithms in a way that it has greatly affected some professionals who have trying to use social media to generate businesses. In their experience, they commented that they saw a huge decrease in the number of people that see their posts. So like every other businesses these professionals decided to experiment with the Facebook handy tool known as the “boost post” feature or option. Surprisingly, while they started generating more likes, it seem that even less people were actually interacting with their content let alone bothering to actually read through the content being posted.

The Facebook Fraud
There is these popular YouTube channel called the Veritasium, and the man behind this Youtube channel is by name called Derek Muller, who released some viral video titled “Facebook Fraud”.

As being a scientist, he decided to carry out some experiment with Veritasium and paid for a Facebook ads. After the campaign ran it course, he saw his likes grew from 2,000 to over 100,000. And though the total audience reach was encouraging, the overall engagement seemingly did not. He therefore went further to explain that 75% of the likes he got were from developing country, yet less than 1% of his page got engaged (i.e. comments, likes. etc.) from those countries.

Furthermore, Muller drew up another experiment, where he created Virtual Cat, a useless page that only an idiot or a fool would like or share. He then signed up for another advertising campaign where he got about 262 likes for 25 bucks, and made a post on Virtual cat, only for the post to reach 8 people with ‘ZERO’ engagement.

In conclusion, it can be said that Facebook uses ‘fake’ likes to make it seem like one is getting a bang on the door. Basically, Facebook advertising is simply a waste of money and not only is it a sheer waste of time and money, it also hurts your business.


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